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Here and throughout this site, we aim to provide shin hanga
collectors with information not readily available from other
published sources. Got some unique, interesting or hard-to-find
material? Send yours in!


Click for pop-up enlargement Article 1
The Woodblock Prints of Shirô Kasamatsu
A useful listing for Shirô collectors.

Article 2
Hasui Travel Series Stamps & Seals -- Q & A

Article 3
Cleaning Shin Hanga Prints
Practice makes perfect -- a collector shows how.

Article 4
Repairing Japanese Woodblock Prints
A detailed, informative guide to simple do-it-yourself repairs.

Article 5
Hasui Watercolors and Prints - some comparisons
Hasui's beautiful paintings, beautifully presented.

Article 6
"Process of Wood-Cut Printing Explained"
Here's a contemporary book that shows a print's progression.

Article 7
Removing Shin Hanga Prints from Backings
A short illustrated guide.

Article 8
Shin Hanga Date Translation
At last -- a comprehensive primer on reading Taishô and Showa print dates.

Article 9       [MEMBER ACCESS ONLY]
Narazaki's Kawase Hasui Mokuhangashu
For every Watanabe print in Narazaki, lists each seal depicted. Can you stand it?
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Article 10
Watanabe's 1951 Catalog
The voice of Shôzaburô: his introduction to this rare postwar print catalog.

Article 11
Recarved Shin Hanga Blocks
Never happened, you say? Have a look at these popular examples.

Article 12
Hasui Special Edition -- A Case Study
A pre-earthquake image, issued as a posthumous reprint; a collector investigates.

Article 13
A Process for Clarifying Seals
Finally -- reveal those hidden shin hanga seals, with this image processing guide.

Article 14
HTML for Chat Boards
Need a little color in your online chat room postings? Here are the basics.

Article 15
Some Modern Japanese Artists
A short Showa-era review of the "figure subjects" of Goyô and Shinsui.

Article 16
A Passion for Prints
A scholar and fellow collector shares his treasures.

Article 17
Shin Hanga Carvers and Printers
A comprehensive directory of the craftsmen who defined this unique field.

Odds & Ends I
Not articles yet, just miscellaneous Flotsam that will float about until they either sink or somehow attach themselves to larger, more relevant Jetsam. (Flick yours in)

Odds & Ends II
Still more!

Odds & Ends III
The latest...

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