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Compiled by: Joel Trosch
Advisor: Kendon Stubbs

[Editor's preface] This excellent and unique bibliography was helped by many members' generous contributions. It can be a starting point for serious collectors, whose specialized booklists we are happy to publish or link to here. Send them in!

The compilers of this list acknowledge that more input is needed in identifying additional items, expanding descriptions, and in defining the criteria for inclusion.


  • nd –not dated
  • b/w – black and white
  • hb – hardback
  • pb – paperback
  • pp - pages

A name in bold suggests a standard "handle" for popular reference books.

All the Woodblock Prints of Ito Shinsui (Tokyo: Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, 1992) hb

147 prints in color. Japanese text; English titles. Also published in pb.

Autumn of Ukiyo-e: Masters of the Early 20th Century (New York: Ronin Gallery, nd) pb

40 page sales catalogue with 145 illustrations, 16 of which are in color, all with information on artist, subject, publisher, dimensions, etc.

Brown, Kendall, Between Two Worlds: The Life and Art of Lillian Miller (Pasadena: Pacific Asia Museum, 1998) pb

Catalogue, 104 illustrations, most in color; substantial text on American woodblock artist who lived and worked in Japan in the first half of the 20th century.

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____________, Light in Darkness: Women in Japanese Prints of Early Showa (1926-1945) (Los Angeles: Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, 1996) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 96pp; all prints illustrated in b/w; extensive text and bibliography.

____________, Kawase Hasui: The Complete Woodblock Prints (Amsterdam: KIT Publishers / Hotei Publishing, 2003) hb

With an essay by Watanabe Shoichiro, General editor Amy Reigle Newland. 2 volumes in slipcase, 288 + 304 pp; 690 color & 100 b/w illustrations, 20 watercolors.

Brown, Kendall and Hollis Goodall-Cristante, Shin-Hanga: New Prints in Modern Japan (Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1996) pb

Exhibit catalogue, with two substantial essays reviewing the social and cultural history of the shin hanga movement.

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Cawthorne, Nigel, The Art of Japanese Prints (San Diego: Laurel Glen, 1997) hb

Brief references to shin hanga artists contained in a chapter on the influence of Japanese prints on western artists.

The Complete Woodblock Prints of Yoshida Hiroshi (Tokyo: ABE Corporation, 1987) pb

Catalogue raisonné; 259 prints, 20 oils and watercolors in color.

Contemporary Woodblock Prints [Kindai Nihon no Mokuhanga] (Tokyo: Museum of Modern Art, 1983) pb

Reprinted in 1995. Twentieth century from roots in Kiyochika through shin hanga and sosaku hanga. 131 pp; 179 prints illustrated, all in color; Japanese text.

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Daulte, Francois, La Nouvelle Vague: Estampes Japonaises de 1868 à 1939 dans la Collection Robert O. Muller (Lausanne: Fondation de l'Hermitage, 1994) hb slipcase

Exhibit catalogue. Text in French.

The Edward Burr Van Vleck Collection of Japanese Prints (Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1990)

Catalogue of the Van Vleck collection at the Elvehjem Museum, a significant portion of which was originally collected by Frank Lloyd Wright. Several thousand small, b/w images, with basic artist, title, series, size and date information. Shin hanga artists represented include Hasui, Koitsu, Shoson, Shiro and Shinsui.

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Eight Hundred Years of Japanese Printmaking (Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute, 1976)

Exhibit catalogue of Austin Collection, with 23 shin hanga prints in exhibit, of which four are shown in catalogue.

Elizabeth Keith: The Orient Through Western Eyes (Eugene: University of Oregon Museum of Art, 1974) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 24 pages, with 10 prints illustrated in b/w. Limited text.

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Exhibition of Modern Japanese Beauties (Tokyo: Riccar Art Museum, 1982) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 156 Meiji, Taisho and Showa prints illustrated, 24 in color. Japanese text.

Exhibition of Prints by Kawase Hasui, A Landscape Printer Loved by the World [Kawase Hasui ten: Sekai de aisareta fukei hangaka] (Tokyo: Mitsuba Museum of Showa Women University, 1997) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 76 prints illustrated, all in color. Japanese text, English captions.

Eyes toward Asia: Ukiyoe Artists from Abroad (Yokohama: Yokohama Museum of Art, 1996) pb

Exhibit catalogue; western artists Orlik, Capelari, Miller, Hyde, Bartlett, Brown, Lum, Keith and Jacoulet. 257 pp; extensive color illustrations; text in Japanese and English.

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Fujikake, Shizuya, Japanese Wood-Block Prints (Tokyo: Japan Travel Bureau, 1938) pb  Click for 1938 advertisement

1st ed (1938) (86pp) - #24 of Tourist Library.

All subsequent editions are hb and designated #10 of Tourist Library: 2nd (revised) ed. – 1949; 3rd ed. – 1953; 4th ed. 1954; 5th (revised) ed – 1957; 6th ed. – 1959; 7th ed. (221 pp) – 1962).

Gravalos, Mary, Bertha Lum (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990) pb

Catalogue raisonné and extensive text on Bertha Lum, an American woodblock artist who frequently traveled to Japan in the first several decades of the 20th century. Approximately one third of the prints illustrated are in color.

Great Collections of Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints [Kindai Nihon Hanga Taikei] (Tokyo: Mainichi Shimbunsha, 1975-6) 3 Volumes. Folio, cloth clamshell boxes, folding cardboard cases.

[Kindai] Alternate titles: Outline of Contemporary Japanese Prints and Lyricism of the Taisho Era: The Art of Modern Prints. Has index of prints in English; rest of text is in Japanese.

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Green, William, Japanese Woodblock Prints: a Bibliography of Writings from 1822 –1993, Entirely or Partly in English Text (Leiden: Ukiyo-e Books, 1993) hb

Detailed listing of books, articles, monographs, catalogues on Japanese prints.

Hizo ukiyo-e taikan - See Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Western Collections.

Illing, Richard, The Art of Japanese Prints (New York: Octopus, 1980) hb

Survey, with limited chapter on modern prints, including shin hanga.

Ima ni ikur ukiyo-e - see Lively Ukiyo-e (Ukiyo-e in Modern Time)

Jenkins, Donald, Images of a Changing World: Japanese Prints of the Twentieth Century (Portland: Portland Art Museum, 1983) pb

Exhibit catalogue, extensive text. 135 prints illustrated, all b/w; Goyo, Hasui, Shinsui, Kotondo, Yoshida represented. Modern and sosaku hanga dominate the catalogue.

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Kawase Hasui, (Washington: Shogun Gallery, 1980) pb

Sales catalogue; 154 prints illustrated, 16 in color, with titles, series, publisher, date, printer and dimensions provided. One page text introduction.

Kawase Hasui: Lyric Poetry in Taisho and Showa [Kawase Hasui: Jojoh no shi Taisho, Showa no fukei hanga (Yamanashi: Yamanashi Prefecture Museum, 1990) pb

200 prints, all in color. Japanese text, with English print titles.

Kawase Hasui mokuhangashu - see Narazaki

Kawase Hasui ten: Sekai de aisareta fukei hangaka – See Exhibition of Prints by Kawase Hasui, A Landscape Printer Loved by the World

Kindai Nihon Hanga Taikei – see Great Collections of Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints

Kindai Nihon no mokuhanga - see Contemporary Woodblock Prints

Lively Ukiyo-e (Ukiyo-e in Modern Time) [Ima ni ikur ukiyo-e] (Tokyo:      1997) pb

Catalogue of covering Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. 86 prints in color, Japanese text with English identification of artist, size of print and date. Ed: Tokyo dento mokuhanga kogei kyokai.

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Lyricism of the Taisho Era: The Art of Modern Prints [Taisho jojo. Shin hanga no bi ten (Machida: Machida Municipal Museum, 1989) pb

156 pp; mostly b/w illustrations; Japanese text.

Mason, Penelope, History of Japanese Art (New York: Abrams, 1993) hb

Scholarly, extensive survey of millennia of all Japanese art forms. Given the scope, only a few pages devoted to shin hanga.

Merritt, Helen, Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: the Early Years (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1990) hb

[Merritt 1990] Comprehensive, authoritative text covering the 20th century Japanese print.

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Merritt, Helen, Point of Contact: Western Artists – Japanese Artisans (De Kalb: Northern Illinois University Art Museum, 1993) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 72 pp; featuring Hyde, Capelari, Keith, Bartlett, Lum, Baldridge, Brown and Brangwyn. Extensive text on biographies and prints.

Merritt, Helen and Nanako Yamada, Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975 (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1992) hb, pb

[Merritt & Yamada] Comprehensive reference, with biographical notes on hundreds of artists, seals and signatures, notes on important print series, etc. MUST OWN.

Michener, James, Japanese Prints (Rutland, VT: Tuttle, 1959) hb

Michener's perspective on Japanese prints, illustrated with tipped in images. His discussion and illustration of shin hanga is limited since, as he says "it was a period with which I myself am not particularly attuned."

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Miles, Richard, Elizabeth Keith: The Printed Works (Pasadena: Pacific Asia Museum, 1991) pb

Exhibit catalogue with extensive text and color illustrations. Scottish artist who lived, traveled and worked in Japan and the Far East for over 20 years beginning in 1915.

Miles, Richard, The Prints of Paul Jacoulet (Pasadena: Pacific Asia Museum, 1982) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 166 prints illustrated, 14 in color. Extensive text and information related to each print.

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Modern Japanese Prints (Toledo: Toledo Museum of Art, 1997) pb

[Toledo 1930] and [Toledo 1936] Reprint of the landmark 1930 and 1936 exhibit catalogues.

Modern Woodblock Prints [Mokuhanga no kindai] (Nagano: Nagano Prefecture Shinano Art Museum, 1999) pb

Exhibit catalogue. Japanese text only.

Munsterberg Hugo, The Japanese Print (New York: Weatherhill, 1982) hb

Broad historical overview of the subject, with a chapter on the Taisho era. That chapter covers the more popular shin hanga artists, without using the term.

Narazaki, Muneshige, ed., Kawase Hasui Mokuhangashu (Tokyo: Kodansha & Mainichi Shimbun, 1979) Folio hb, cloth slipcase, cardboard clamshell/shipping box

Catalogue raisonné of Kawase Hasui works. All Watanabe prints in color; all others b/w. Text in Japanese.

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Newland, Amy and Uhlenbeck, Chris, Ed., Ukiyo-e to Shin Hanga (New York: Mallard Press,1990) Folio hb.

Well written and illustrated survey. Shin hanga chapter written by Haruo Matsuoka.

Pachter, Irwin J., Kawase Hasui and his Contemporaries: The Shin Hanga (New Print) Movement in Landscape Art (Syracuse: Everson Museum of Art, 1986) pb

Exhibit catalogue, with extensive text; 106 prints illustrated, nine in color. Some Meiji, in addition to Hasui, Hiroshi Yoshida, Shinsui and Goyô.

Prints of Beauties from the Meiji and Taisho Eras [Meiji Taisho Bijin Hanga] (Tokyo: Ota Memorial Musuem, 1993) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 109 prints illustrated, 34 in color. Goyô and Shinsui make up about 40 of the prints. Japanese text.

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Smith, Lawrence, The Japanese Print Since 1900: Old Dreams and New Visions (London: British Museum Publications, 1983) pb

[Smith, Old Dreams] 150 illustrations, 50 in color. Shin hanga, sosaku hanga and modern. Also published by Harper & Row in New York.

_____________, Modern Japanese Prints 1912 – 1989 (London: British Museum Press, 1984) pb

[Smith, Modern] 140 prints illustrated, all in color. Extensive text on each print as well as artist biographies. Also published by Cross River Press in New York.

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Stephens, Amy, The New Wave: Twentieth Century Prints from the Robert O. Muller Collection (London: Bamboo Publishing, 1993) hb

[New Wave] Comprehensive survey of shin hanga; extensively illustrated. (Also see abbreviated version in French.)

Survey of Modern Japanese Prints - see Great Collections of Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints

Swinton, Elizabeth de Sabato, Terrific Tokyo: A Panorama in Prints from the 1860's to the 1930's (Worcester: Worcester Art Museum, 1999) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 80 pp; 50 prints illus., most in color and all with extensive commentary. Majority of prints are Meiji; limited shin hanga.

Taisho jojo. Shin hanga no bi ten - see Lyricism of the Taisho Era: The Art of Modern Prints

Taisho-ki mokuhanga (Itabashi: Kuritsu Museum, 1989)

Exhibit catalogue, 112 pp. 140 prints illustrated, about one-third in color. Japanese text; English index of prints.

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Taisho no onna: Hashiguchi Goyô ten (Tokyo: Riccar Art Museum, 1976) pb

Prints and sketches by Goyô; four in color; Japanese text.

Teihon Hashiguchi Goyô (Noberu, 1977) hb, cloth clamshell, cardboard outer case.

Oversize catalogue of Goyô's works, including prints sketches and drawings.

Till, Barry, The Gallery Collects Shin Hanga (Victoria: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1996) pb

64 pp. Text, plus 17 color and 62 b/w illustrations.

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_________, The Legacy of Japanese Printmaking [ Le Rayonement de l'estampe japonaise ] (Victoria: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1986) pb

Text in English and French, with b/w and color illustrations. Fold-out historical chart of Japanese printmakers, covering 1600 to 1900.

Tokyo in Transition: The Changing City as Depicted in Modern Woodblock Prints (Tokyo: Edo-Tokyo Museum, 1996) pb

Exhibit catalogue. Japanese, with some English text; 248pp; Taisho and Showa artists; both shin hanga and sosaku hanga works.

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Torii Kotondo: Woodblock Prints and Paintings (Tokyo: Gallery Beniya, 1995) pb

23 prints and 32 paintings illustrated, all in color. English and Japanese text.

Tradition in Transition: Print Masters of the Meiji and Taisho Periods (Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1983) pb

Exhibit catalogue; 43pp; Goyô and Hasui are two of the four artists covered. Mostly text, with some b/w illustrations.

Tsuchiya Koitsu: Adoration of Scenery [Tsuchiya Koitsuten. Fuko raisan] (Chigasaki: Chigasaki Art Museum, 1999) pb

134 prints in color, predominantly Koitsu, some Hasui, as well as Meiji works. Japanese text.

Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Western collections. The Robert O. Muller Collection [Hizo ukiyoe taikan. Muraa-korekushon] (Tokyo: 1990) hb, folio, clamshell case, decor. box.

Beautiful publication documenting the Muller collection of Meiji and shin hanga prints. One of three volumes in this series, dedicated to important private collections in the West. Japanese text.

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100 Views of Japan by Kasamatsu Shiro [Mokuhan Nihon Hyakkei] (Yamanashi Museum, 1996)

Extensive, illustrated catalogue; text in Japanese, with some English titles and dates.

Watanabe, S., Catalogue of Wood-Cut Colour Prints of S. Watanabe (Tokyo: Watanabe, 1936)

[Watanabe 1936] Comprehensive sales catalogue.

_____________, Catalogue of Wood-Cut Color Prints by Contemporary Japanese Artists (Tokyo: Watanabe, 1955)

[Watanabe 1955] Comprehensive sales catalogue.

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