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Our knowledge of when each printer worked for Doi is limited, based primarily on a few published references, some interviews, and studying seals' appearances on prints.

Shown here is a suggested timeline of Doi printers, formatted by Marc Kahn -- please send in your additions and corrections.

Under Development -- Last Updated 4-21-01

If correct as shown, the dates above could be compared with the printer seal and the print date, as one tool in determining the 'state' of a print. This assumes that Doi permitted only the correct use of a printer's seal (on his own work). The validity of this assumption, for printers and for carvers, is discussed in the Case study, Doi Article #1, Doi Article #5, and elsewhere on this site.

Collectors are encouraged to use all available methods to evaluate Doi print states, without an over-reliance on seals. Different collectors place emphasis on various characteristics:

  • impression quality
  • paper type
  • registration accuracy
  • watermarks
  • other markings
  • keyblock details
  • printing and baren workmanship
  • comparison with other states
  • provenance
The above timeline, while preliminary, is offered in the spirit of adding another tool to the serious collector's arsenal.

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