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Here you'll find research and discussions about the publisher Doi, the Doi seals used on shin hanga prints, historical background, Doi artisans, and related topics. (Send in your article!)

Article 1
Koitsu and the Doi publishing house

Article 2
Matsuzaki, Mysterious Doi Printer

Article 3
Doi Seals and Noël Nouët

Article 4
Interview with Mrs. Suzue Doi   [ members only ]

Article 5
Interview with Mr. Kenji Seki   [ members only ]

Article 6
Publishers Affiliated with Doi

Article 7
Hamamatsu-do: The "Other" Doi   [ members only ]

Article 8
Partially Re-carved Blocks at Doi -- an Example

Article 9
Brief Biographies of Doi Carvers & Printers

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