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Publishers Affiliated with Doi
by Andreas Grund

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Dubious distinctions


This short article summarizes the seals used by other shin hanga publishers of "Doi" prints. We refer to them here as being affiliated in some way with Doi, but their exact business relationships are not yet fully understood.

Apart from the typical Doi seals shown at the main seal page, many prints by Hasui, Koitsu and Nouët reached the market bearing different seals. Shown here are examples from Hanmoto Tokyo Do, Oedo Mokuhansha, and Hamamatsu Do.

Tokyo Do

Oedo Mokuhansha

Prewar, exact time unknown

Around 1984-1990


Hasui, Koitsu, Nouët

Little is known about the publisher Hanmoto Tokyo Do. Mrs. Doi has speculated that this seal was used occasionally by her husband's father Teiichi Doi in the 1930's. Members can also see a short piece about these seals.

Oedo Mokuhansha, according to Mrs. Doi's recollection, was considered more a distributor than a publisher. Members: also see a small article about this company.

Here are two more seals from Oedo Mokuhansha. Both are from Hiroshige reprints, which appear to have been produced in the late 1930's or immediately prewar.

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Carver Endo
Printer Hosoi

Carver Maeda Kentaro
Printer Chujo Kineo

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Hamamatsu Do

wide version

upper "Inspector" seal "Tsuchiya"

lower hanmoto seal "Uchiyama?"

Hamamatsu Do

wide version

upper "Inspector" seal unread

lower hanmoto seal "Uchiyama?"

Hamamatsu Do

slim version

upper "Inspector" seal unread

lower hanmoto seal "Uchiyama?"

1963 - 1981


Hasui, Koitsu


The prints published by Oedo Mokuhansha and Hamamatsu Do were apparently produced with the original blocks. Some would have been carved by Harada and printed by Seki, although for Oedo Mokuhansha there are examples of carver/printer seals from Endo / Hosoi and Maeda Kentaro / Chujo Kineo See the two examples above and from Harada / Ito Tomo Members click to see short article at MOB.

Members can see also the separate article on Hamamatsu Do.

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