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At the request of many collectors, listed here are some who have decided to "hang out their shingle" as a dealer or gallery covering the shin hanga field. Their online links are provided here for collectors' convenience. Other dealers may submit their information here.

United States

  • Allinson Gallery, Storrs, CT kanban Jane Allinson, Ph.D.
  • AmTech Trading, Tacoma, WA kanban Edward R. Langton, Karen Little
  • The Art of Japan, Mountain View, CA kanban Richard Waldman, in association with Douglas Frazer
  • Arts and Designs of Japan, San Francisco, CA kanban Peter and Lois Gilder
  • Asian Collection, White Marsh, VA kanban Paul and Janiece Knutson
  • Belsipe, Mt. Vernon, NY kanban Peter Belsito
  • Robyn Buntin Galleries, Honolulu, HI kanban Robyn Buntin
  • Castle Fine Arts, Del Mar, CA kanban Frank Castle
  • Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA kanban Sam Davidson, Tara Shadduck
  • Jeanne Davidson Fine Prints, New York, NY kanban Jeanne Davidson
  • Doggles, Hendersonville, TN kanban Bruce Tierney
  • East West Gallery, Victor, NY kanban Merlin Dailey, Geoffrey Oliver
  • Herbert Egenolf Gallery, Burbank, CA kanban Veronica Miller
  • Floating World Gallery, Chicago, IL kanban Bill and Roberta Stein
  • Douglas Frazer Fine Art, Bellevue, WA kanban Douglas Frazer
  • Hanga Gallery, Raleigh, NC kanban Robin Devereux, Greg McClelland
  • Ichiban Japanese Antiques, Marion, CT kanban Robert and Vinka Berg
  • Japan Gallery, New York, NY kanban Ayako Abe
  • Japan Prints, Evanston, IL kanban Marty Bronstein
  • Japanese Prints and Books, San Marino, CA kanban Nabil Sejaan
  • Japanese Woodblock Prints, Oregon City, OR kanban John Mason
  •, Summerland, CA kanban Geri and Ruben Servi
  • Gilbert Luber Gallery, Philadephia, PA kanban Gilbert and Shirley Luber
  • Joan B. Mirviss, Ltd., New York, NY kanban Joan B. Mirviss
  • Nivatori, Rego Park, NY kanban Eugene Goldin
  • Petrie-Rogers Gallery, Tucson, AZ kanban Laurie Petrie Rogers, Waynor Rogers
  • The Prints & The Pauper, Santa Monica, CA kanban Roger Genser
  • Randall Antiques & Fine Art, St Petersburg, FL kanban Kelly Wallace
  • Ronin Gallery, New York, NY kanban Roni Neuer
  • Scholten Japanese Art, New York, NY kanban René Scholten, Katherine Martin
  • Scriptum, Berkeley, CA kanban Margrit Schurman, Michele Ross
  • Shogun Gallery, Gaithersburg, MD kanban Toni Liberthson Hunter
  • Shotei Gallery, Vancouver, WA kanban Marc Kahn
  • Solá Gallery, Ithaca, NY kanban Daphne Solá
  • Things Japanese, Chappaqua, NY kanban
  • Torii Gallery, Bethesda, MD kanban Chuck Citrin
  • Tsuru Gallery, Newport, RI kanban Natalia Howe, Nicole Kryszuk
  • Ukiyo-e Gallery, Corvallis, OR kanban Thomas Crossland, Andreas Grund
  • Verne Collection, Cleveland, OH kanban Michael Verne
  • Woodblock Prints World, Sacramento, CA kanban Stephane Jardonnet

Listing herein does not constitute endorsement. As in any field, caveat emptor.
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  • Gallery Sobi, Tokyo, Japan kanban Haruo Matsuoka
  • Ginreidô, Yokohama, Japan kanban
  • Hara Shobo, Tokyo, Japan kanban Toshiyuki Hara
  • Kotenhanga Toshusai, Tokyo, Japan kanban
  • Mita Arts Gallery, Tokyo, Japan kanban Yoshimi Murakami, David Caplan
  • Anders G. Rikardson, Tokyo, Japan kanban Anders G. Rikardson
  • Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan kanban Hiroshi Matsushita
  • Ukiyo-e Gallery, Tokyo, Japan kanban Thomas Crossland, Andreas Grund

Listing herein does not constitute endorsement. As in any field, caveat emptor.
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  • artelino GmbH, Pullach, Germany kanban Dieter and Yorie Wanczura
  • Degener Japanese Fine Prints, Meerbusch, Germany kanban Rolf M. Degener
  • Galerie am Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany kanban Monika Schmidt
  • Galleri ABCD, Malmö, Sweden kanban
  • Gallery Imaginem, London, England kanban Jason Paul Ridgway
  • Hotei Japanese Prints, Leiden, Holland kanban Chris Uhlenbeck
  • Huys den Esch Gallery, Dodewaard, The Netherlands kanban Anne van Doesburg
  • Mattia Jona Master Drawings and Prints, Milan, Italy kanban Mattia Jona
  • Kotobuki GmbH, Munich, Germany kanban Gottfried Ruetz, Matthias Ruetz
  • Lella e Gianni Morra, Venice, Italy kanban Lella and Gianni Morra
  • Saru Gallery, Uden, The Netherlands kanban Eric van den Ing
  • Tanakaya, Paris, France kanban Tamio Ikeda
  • Ukiyo-e Gallery, Sigmaringen, Germany kanban Tamio Ikeda

Listing herein does not constitute endorsement. As in any field, caveat emptor.
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