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Have you ever gone back to view an old online auction, only to find that the seller has removed the images? There's a chance that the images are still saved in your computer's cache.

Here's how to attempt a retrieval. First, do NOT enter the online auction page. Instead open your browser and follow these steps.

If you use Internet Explorer, try this:

  • Select "Tools", then "Internet Options"
  • Choose the "General" tab
  • Under "Temporary Internet Files", choose "Settings"
  • Under "Check for newer versions...", choose "Never"
  • Close both windows with "OK"

If you use Netscape, try this:

  • Select "Edit", then "Preferences"
  • Click the small box to open "Advanced"
  • Choose "Cache"
  • Under "Document in cache is compared...", choose "Never"
  • Close this window with "OK"

Now you can call up the online auction page. If the images are still stored in your cache, they should now appear normally in the auction page. You can then right-click to save each image in a permanent file if you wish.

After all viewing, be sure to repeat the above steps to restore your previous cache setting.

Hope this is helpful! Please email us your questions and comments.

These instructions were written for Internet Explorer version 5.00 and Netscape Communicator version 4.7, but they should work for other versions.

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