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The Shin Hanga Skull & Bones Society. We're not just a résumé builder. Our members are active collectors of shin hanga prints, interested in drawing from and contributing to our collective knowledge base.

Depending on your inclinations, such contributions could include short or long articles, original research, data from your own collection, sharing your experience and observations, copy editing, image management, calendar entries, reviews, print evaluations, site programming, developing and maintaining entire sections of our site, plus an occasional bit of administrative tedium. In return you'll get an early look at work in progress, available only to our members.

Through a process which includes peer review, new material is developed to the point where it can be released to the public portion of the site. Contributors are clearly acknowledged, although we also honor requests for confidentiality.

You're invited to first browse throughout the public areas of this site. If you're strictly a collector of shin hanga prints, experienced, reputable, and interested in both the artistic and scholarly aspects of this intriguing field, please fill out the information below. We'd love to hear from you!

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